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Gastrointestinal Procedures in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

There are many different ailments, illnesses, pains, and injuries that can affect the gastrointestinal system. If you are suffering from pain, have been diagnosed with a disease, or simply want to discuss your symptoms, Dr. Desiree D’Angelo is experienced and knowledgeable in all illnesses that affect the gastrointestinal system. She will work with you to discuss your treatment options, and if surgery is necessary, she will schedule you as soon as possible.

Some common gastrointestinal symptoms include, nausea, vomiting, general pain, consistent or frequent bloating or flatulence, indigestion, heartburn, or acid reflux. These symptoms could have a very simple explanation, or they may be a sign of something more serious like a biliary tract disorder, a gallbladder issue, or a problem with your colon. Don’t distress alone! Call Dr. Desiree D’Angelo and talk about how to eliminate your pesky symptoms today.

Procedures offered

Gastrointestinal distress can be life altering. To get you back on your feet as soon as possible, set up a consultation with Dr. Desiree D’Angelo. She’s a board certified doctor with years of experience treating patients like you. Here are just some of the procedures she offers:

  • Laparoscopy: A laparoscopy involves the surgeon inserting a thin tube that illuminates and has a video camera attached to it. The laparoscope (the tube) is fed through a small incision in your belly and the video camera images are sent directly to a computer screen.
  • Laparotomy: During a laparotomy, a small incision is made in the abdominal cavity for diagnosis or to prepare for surgery.
  • Cholecystectomy (laparoscopic and open): Desiree D’Angelo will discuss whether an open or laparoscopic surgery is the better option for your situation. If you require a cholecystectomy, that simply means you need to have your gallbladder removed.
  • Appendectomy (laparoscopic and open) Desiree D’Angelo will discuss whether an open or laparoscopic surgery is the better option for your situation. If your appendix becomes enlarged or infected, you may require an appendectomy to remove it. Appendectomy is one of the most common emergency surgeries performed.
  • Pilonidal cyst: A pilonidal cyst is an abnormal mass in the skin, generally located near the tailbone, which often consists of hair and skin debris. If you think you may have a pilonidal cyst, set up an appointment with Dr. Desiree D’Angelo to discuss your treatment options.
  • Colon and small bowel resections: If some or all your intestine must be removed, you will require a resection surgery. Set up a consultation today to discuss your various options.
  • Colonoscopy: One of the most common gastrointestinal procedures, the colonoscopy is a procedure that monitors the inside of your entire large intestine, also known as the colon.

Hemorrhoidectomy: If you are suffering from painful or bleeding hemorrhoids, you may require surgery. This is generally a same day procedure and will relieve you of your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Call (609) 204-5357 to schedule your appointment today.